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Ethics into the evening:
a journey


I'm on a journey to build a range of products which inject ethical principles into the hospitality industry in a way that creates valuable and enriching consumption experiences. I'm kicking off in the world of alcohol free but my dream is that in ten years time it is normal to expect super fairly traded products from our bars and restaurants. And I've got a good reason for thinking that hospitality is the perfect environment for this. 

Let's revolutionise hospitality together

Sin alcohol

According to recent research, 29% of pub visits are now alcohol free. But 40% of those consumers think the choice of alcohol free products are either poor or average. This isn't good enough. We deserve better. But it also presents a valuable opportunity for improvement and for new innovative products. 


Our first product

The yerba herb is enjoyed all over South America, but in Paraguay where it's very hot, it's made up into a cold drink called terere. This is a massive part of the Paraguayan culture, many if not most will carry a thermos containing around 2 litres of the stuff throughout the day. It bears numerous health claims and has a clean, refreshing taste without containing sugar. 


What's that about a trip to Paraguay?

We'd learned from bitter experience that it's next to impossible to understand a producer from afar so in December 2022 it was time to pack up and head to the horse's mouth. 

Tasting Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Aren't you a bar?

Sip Club was a bar in Stretford 2014-2021. We had a great time and like to think we kicked off the Stretford scene as its first bar. But when Covid hit, for a variety of reasons, we decided it was time for pastures new. 

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