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10 ethical soft drinks for 2023

I'll be the first to admit it; I think the dearth of ethical soft drinks is an absolute tragedy. I've spent months and pounds investing in the area only to be pretty disppointed in what I find. That's partly why it's an area I'm looking to move into. Anyway, there are definitely some good options despite being thin on the ground and these are they.

Undoubtedly the market leader in the world of the ethical soft drink, this Fairtrade cola enjoys cool, if somewhat infantile, branding and a nice spicy taste. Check out their Gingerella or Orange Crush as well for some fruity flavours.

The chosen soft of my favourite pizza joint, Bakehouse 32. These guys operate a sort of 1 for 1 principal and donate a certain amount of money to a range of causes for each drink sold. There's LemonAid too. you get the theme.

A bit of a vintage choice for this one and not with an particularly ethically focused output, embracing organic and environmental production instead. Nevertheless it tastes great and has stuck to high quality ingredients which don't harm the world. I'm a big fan.

Those of you who are vintage Sip Club fans may remember this as I searched far and wide during the heady first days of the bar to find alternatives to the conglomerates. My spidey searches tell me it doesn't exist any more though. Not sure if that's a sign.

Possibly a little light on the ginger but a refreshing sip nonetheless and joined by a number of other fruity softs with an emphasis on being environmentally conscious.

There's no doubting the valuable work that the Oxfam tribe do and in making this ace range of ethical softs, they're really investing in farmers. Only problem is I have NEVER seen them for sale. Come on Oxfam, I know they say if you build it they will come, but you also have to let them reach it.

I haven't tried these but they may be worth a go. Picking are literally that small.

More on the sustainable and health driven line than actively engaged.

They give employment to refugees which is ace but are a tea brand which is not quite a soft drink. Cool branding.

3% of sales go to wellbeing charities

Organic. Nice branding.

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