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Alcohol free Liverpool - the sober curious dream

Well, after the briefest sojourn we're back to chat. And we absolutely can't wait with bells on to tell you about our newest project. It is, I'll bet you never guess, a bit of a change of location. I know! I'm sorry! But it's less than an hour to Livepool on the train and we hope to follow up with a Manchester location super soon. We'll provide more details about our new location in a future post but here's why we're taking this route for now.

Liverpool, the vibrant heart of the North West, is a city that offers endless opportunities for adventure and culture. It's a place where you can create lasting memories, especially if you're looking to embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle. In this blog post, we'll explore why choosing an alcohol-free path is empowering and exciting, and we'll uncover the fantastic activities and mocktails that await you in Liverpool.

Why Choose an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle?

Before we dive into the exciting options available in Liverpool, here are a couple of reasons we're looking at going with an alcohol free focus in Liverpool.

Empowerment and Self-Confidence: Going alcohol-free allows you to make decisions that align with your values and goals. It's an empowering choice that can boost your self-confidence as you navigate life on your own terms.

Wellness and Self-Care: Prioritizing your health and well-being is a crucial aspect of self-care. Avoiding alcohol means you're nurturing your body and mind, giving yourself the best chance to thrive.

Clear Mind and Focus: An alcohol-free life promotes mental clarity and sharp focus, perfect for achieving your career and personal aspirations.

Stronger Connections: Without the haze of alcohol, you can build deeper, more meaningful connections with friends and loved ones, strengthening your support network.

Of course, above all we embrace inclusivity so we will be offering a range of alcoholic drinks as well. We just want everyone to feel like they're having a great night out.

If you've not been to Liverpool for a bit and fancy coming to visit us, here are some of the things you could sandwich onto your slices during a weekend on the edge of England.

An image of a Liverpool Street at night

Explore Liverpool's Cultural Treasures

The Beatles Story: Immerse yourself in the world of the Fab Four at The Beatles Story, where you can learn about the band's groundbreaking achievements.

Tate Liverpool: Discover the vibrant world of contemporary art at Tate Liverpool. We went a couple of weeks ago and loved the migration exhibition, particularly the African map juxtaposed with early photography. Let me know what you think!

Museum of Liverpool: Dive into the history of Liverpool at the Museum of Liverpool, and uncover the stories of strong, influential women who have shaped the city.

Experience Nature and Outdoor Activities

Sefton Park: Recharge your spirits with a leisurely walk or picnic in Sefton Park. It's an ideal place for mindful moments and self-reflection.

Crosby Beach: Visit Antony Gormley's "Another Place" installation on Crosby Beach.

Liverpool Watersports Centre: Try your hand at kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or sailing at the Liverpool Watersports Centre. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself and discover your adventurous side.

Check out the mocktails

Liverpool's brilliant dining scene offers a variety of mocktails tailored to your tastes. I'm not saying it's better than Manchester, I would never say that, but the Liverpool crowd have certainly got a reputation for loving a good night out, with or without a bevy.

The Brunch Club

Berry Bliss

A refreshing and fruity mocktail bursting with the flavors of mixed berries, complemented by the zing of fresh lemon and a touch of mint. Perfect for a revitalizing brunch experience.


Spanish Sangria Mocktail

Enjoy the vibrant and festive flavors of Spain with this alcohol-free twist on traditional sangria. It's a fruity and citrusy delight with a refreshing finish.

The Alchemist

Virgin Mojito

A classic favorite, this Virgin Mojito is a zesty and invigorating mocktail that combines the tartness of lime, the freshness of mint, and the fizz of soda.

Leaf on Bold Street

Watermelon Refresher

Dive into the sweet and juicy world of watermelon with this mocktail. It's a perfect balance of fruity sweetness with a touch of tartness.

The Pen Factory

Passionfruit Fizz

This mocktail is a tropical escape in a glass, offering the exotic and tangy flavors of passionfruit paired with the effervescence of soda.

And we're really looking forward to joining them! We're hoping to really add to the range of alcohol free options in Liverpool as well as creating a really lovely environment just like the one we had at Sip Club. We can't wait to be part of the crowd and we can't wait to see you!

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