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Grey Sky

I'm back in Manchester now, clutching a cup of tea in my jogging bottoms while I work.

After losing my bag I had a sustained period without the essentials. I mean essentials in a very first world way: my favourite face wash for example. Nonetheless, it was a joy to return home and have all my belongings back at my fingertips again. And working at a desktop instead of screwing up my eyes to look at my phone is beyond wonderful.

There's just one thin I really can't make my mind up about; the weather. God, that's so English isn't it?

In Paraguay it tops out at about 37 in January. That's hotter than everywhere I've been bar Delhi where I was shunted from taxi to air conditioned room. It's pretty miserable to be honest, that sort of temperature. I was covered in sweat as soon as I went outside and began to feel dizzy after being outside for more than a couple of hours. The constant buzz of air conditioning units of varying quality and noise perpetuated my sleep. The streets were pretty deserted throughout the day as it was really unpleasant to go outside and it took a strong soul indeed to go for a jog.

So it's pretty nice be able to don my big coat and head out for a wander. We're thinking of heading off for the hills next weekend and we'll be spending this Sunday on my allotment building a new polytunnel. I suppose there's even a world in which I'd head out for a nice bracing jog, though it's definitely not this one. The only problem is the bloody grey sky.

Christ. What is it with that sky man? I remember getting back from a sailing season once and writing something like 'it's hard to be hopeful under a clouded sky', on Facebook which was my weapon of public outpouring at the time. I got the same sort of response that you'd get from he eponymous 'can't believe he did that' type post: what's up hun, DM me etc. But I didn't really mean it like that. I wasn't lacking hope in some figurative way, merely noting that grey skies are GRIM!

So I think the point I'm making is that I'm pretty happy to be back, I'm not at all against the weather and I don't feel to cold, but CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GODFORESAKEN SKY.

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