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The rise and rise of alcohol free bars

Never been to an alcohol free bar? No doubt you'll be heading to one soo. It's the latest trend in the F&B world with exciting options popping up all over the world. I haven't got the budget for return flights to NEW York so I've been cruising the web to learn about them instead. Here are some of my faves.

Hekate, NYC

New York has to be one of teh coolest places ever so of course they have a take on the AF trend with niche of a niche venues like this AF dive bar, dishing up boozeless cocktails alongside 'witchy' teas'.

Pinq, London

Cocktails without a sore head. Pinq embraces a Londonners minimalism alongside a refreshing array of options. It's also one of the only completely booze free bars in in the big city. Find out more here, or read a review here.

Zeroliq, Berlin

If it's in Berlin it has to be cool right? Well that's what I always say anyway. And this sumptuous offering handpicks only the best of the booze free world.

Sobar, Poole

Who knew Pool was so ahead of the game!? This one's completely booze free as well, drop in for ace craft beers and well chosen wine. This is what the Echo have to say.

Sans, Texas

The only Texan I've ever met was working as an au pair in Geneva. My Texan mate used to walk into bars and holler "YA'LL WANNA BUY US SOME SHOTS". As a result Texas isn't the first place I think of when I think of booze free but this innovator has put paid to that with his AF offering opened in 2017.

BrewDog AF, London

Beer focused if not quite the first as claimed in this article, BrewDog is a good offering for those wanting to try a boozeless pint.

Brunswick, Melbourne

Advertising the opportunity to enjoy the night out and the morning after as well, this one isn't quite open yet but looks pretty exciting.

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