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Travelling to Paraguay - the tricky bit

As some of you may remember, my journey to Paraguay was not a particularly easy or

straightforward one. What was originally supposed to be 26 hours, three flights and the best part of a grant, quickly became 3 days with multiple delays and a bag that went missing for 3 further days. I'm more used to popping over to India on a single flight so the idea that any country could be quite so inaccessible came as quite a surprise.

Travelling to Paraguay by air can present a challenging and intricate process. Despite its geographic proximity to the continent, the country's limited number of international airports can com

plicate the travel plans of those looking to visit. The few available airports are not conveniently located and require additional connecting flights, long layovers, and transfers that can add hours, if not days, to one's journey.

Furthermore, Paraguay does not enjoy a high influx of tourism, which makes it a less commercially attractive destination for airlines. This situation contributes to the limited flight options, further complicating the task of finding a flight that is both affordable and suits one's schedule. The lack of direct flights, combined with infrequent and irregular schedules, poses a significant challenge to travellers looking to visit Paraguay by air.

Moreover, the lack of well-established tourist infrastructure makes the travel process more challenging for those unfamiliar with the country. This obstacle can cause further confusion, adding to the complexity of the journey.

I tried to find the silver lining in the cloud, using my stopovers to take a whistle stop tour of São Paulo on the way there and discover a bit of Lima and Madrid on the way back. I arrived exhausted on both occasions but was able to spread out the flying and gained so much cultural colour from my experiences.

In conclusion, travelling to Paraguay by plane may be a challenging undertaking that requires research, flexibility, and careful planning. Nonetheless, those who are willing to go through the effort will be rewarded with an enriching experience. The country offers a unique blend of cultural and natural attractions, welcoming locals, and a sense of adventure that is unrivalled by many other destinations.

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